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On this page, learn about the type of work the Strathclyde Geoconservation Group does and find out how to get involved!

Our area not only has a huge range of exciting geology but is covered by a total of 11 different local authorities all of whom have a duty to their own particular geodiversity.

Aims of Strathclyde Geoconservation

  • To seek out, assess and if possible interpret sites which are visible and accessible to the general public and have an educational and research value, and represent a significant geodiversity feature;
  • To encourage and play a significant part in geodiversity audits and local geodiversity action plans;
  • To liaise with any local groups, countryside parks, etc. which aim to interpret the geology within their area;
  • To take action on site-specific issues relating to protection or opportunities.


There are currently more than a dozen active members – all volunteers from a variety of backgrounds. A few are professional geologists but most are enthusiastic and reasonably knowledgeable amateurs. We do have ready access to professional geological support from within the society and the University of Glasgow.

Our activities include: site investigation and assessment; liaison with other volunteer groups with linked objectives; raising awareness with local authorities and contributing to reviews; collaborating with agencies such as Scottish Coal and Loch Lomond National Park to produce leaflets and interpretative material; collaborating with countryside ranger services and SESEF (Scottish Earth Science Education). 


The two geoconservation groups that are affiliated to GSG report regularly to the council of the GSG and meet with each other informally to share experiences. The boundary of each group area is flexible and involvement in a site can depend on travel distance for group members.

Projects in Progress

East Renfrewshire


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We are always looking for new people to join the group. If you have an interest in geology, no matter how basic, and are keen in making geology a more accessible subject to all, please contact us for further information at: