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Lecture programme for 2018-2019

Sun 9 Sep 18

The society's lecture programme for the 2018-2019 session has now been arranged.



Giant gold nugget found in Scottish river

Wed 5 Sep 18

A giant gold nugget, claimed to be one of the biggest ever found in Britain, has been discovered in a Scottish river. It weighs 85.7g and has been estimated to be worth more than £50,000.


The Meghalayan Age - a new unit of the Geologic Time Scale

Sat 28 Jul 18

The International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS) has defined a new division in geologic time, the Meghalayan Age, defined as the most recent age of the Holocene Epoch, extending from 4,200 years ago until the present. 


Crowdfund a dinosaur project

Thu 26 Jul 18

A crowdfunding appeal has been set up to support reasearch into a newly discovered dinosaur site in Scotland. The funding is to meet researchers' travel and accommodation costs and to purchase material for use in the project.

Proceedings and excursion reports for Session 159 now available

Wed 13 Jun 18

The Proceedings and excursion reports for Session 159 (2016-2017) are now available on the website.


New supplement to Madeira field guide available

Wed 23 May 18

The supplement includes a revision of the stratigraphy, an additional excursion itinerary and updated information about other excursions.

Members' Night programme

Sat 31 Mar 18

The programme for Members' Night on May 10 has now been finalised. The meeting will be held in a different venue from normal.


World-first report about climate change impacts on geoheritage

Fri 9 Mar 18

An SNH report gives an assessment of the risk from climate change to geological and geomorphological features in Scotland's SSSIs.

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